Top 5 Tips for a Job Interview

Having worked hard to secure a job interview – this is your chance to shine in front of a potential employer and show what you can bring to the organisation – but nerves during the interview can derail you completely. So, here are top 5 tips for a job interview which may help you.

1) Research, Research, Research

The more research you do into the organisation and the job, the more confidence you will gain. Start to live and breathe the organisation – its values – its vision – its ethos.

You are not silly – you know the interview will cover basic questions about who you are and your experience and you will also be asked questions about why you want to work for this organisation and why you want the job – so research into the background of the organisation and the job. Go in prepared so you are not caught off-guard over these basic questions.

2) Practice makes Perfect

Having researched about the organisation and job, practice answering the most common interview questions with a friend who can give you open honest feedback to help you improve. Even better talk to a friend who’s just done an interview and get their feedback into the whole process.

You can find tonnes of examples of the most common interview questions on the internet. Get your friend to give you mock interviews with these common interview questions and see how you do. But, don’t try and remember standard answers – be yourself.

If you try and recall standard answers which you have prepared beforehand, your interviewer is going to know straight away and you may be side-tracked by trying to recall word-to-word an answer and end up answering something which the interviewer didn’t really ask you in the first place.

So, basically, practicing questions will help you prepare and give confidence about the manner in which you should answer the real interview questions.

3) Look it, Walk it, Talk it

Clearly, it goes without saying that you should dress appropriately for the job interview – don’t go in with what you would go clubbing in!!

Looking your best will give you confidence without you even trying – and similarly walk confidently and upright not slouched. Most importantly, talk the talk – all your research into the organisation – its values – its vision – its ethos come into action here. If you start acting and behaving almost like an employee of the organisation – it will be easy for your interview to visualise you as part of the team. This can greatly determine the interviewer’s decision to recall you back for a second interview or offer a job to you.

4) Stay Clam

Many interviews will have some questions which are designed to make you uncomfortable and put you out of your depth – this is the interviewer’s way of finding out how you deal with challenging or unexpected situations. Main thing to remember is that don’t rush to answer a question straight away. Take your time over answering it – even if it is a basic question.

This way, when you get a challenging question, your manner in answering is very similar to when you have basic questions – give yourself time to think of an appropriate reply rather than blurting out the first thing which comes to mind.

Also, don’t be shy of asking for clarification if you don’t understand a question.

5) Ask Questions

Make sure you are prepared with some questions you want to ask about the organisation and the job – and make sure they are specific to the job or anything relating to it and not general theoretical questions which you ask for the sake of asking.

Try and make the interview a conversation – ask questions both during and after the interview – unless you are told otherwise. The best interviews are ones which start as an interviewer vs. interviewee and end up as conversations between two work colleagues – this way the interviewer has already accepted you as part of the work team and you are well on your way to securing a job offer.

Hope these quick top 5 tips for a job interview help you. Best of luck with your job search.