Have you ever thought about Organ Donation?

If not…why not? It’s the kindest thing a person can do for someone else to save a life.

Organ donation is the process of a person donating their organs for transplant. These are given to someone with damaged organs that need to be replaced.

Normally, a donor is someone who during their life expressed a wish to donate their organs upon their death. It is a fact that an organ transplant may save a person’s life, or significantly improve their health and quality of life. Thus, upon your death, when you have no more use of your body, it makes sense for you to have expressed a wish while you are alive to donate your organs.

In some cases, you can be a living donor, such as donating part of your lung or a kidney or bone marrow donation to someone who may need it. However, this article deals with donors who have died and have in their life expressed a view to donate their organs.


Which organs can be donated?

Many organs can be donated including: kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, small bowel and pancreas. Tissues that can be donated include: the cornea (the transparent layer at the front of the eye), bone, skin, heart valves, tendons and cartilage.


How can you become an Organ Donor?

There is lots of useful information about becoming an Organ Donor on the NHS website – www.organdonation.nhs.uk but essentially you need to ask yourself and make up your own mind whether you are the kind of person who wants to make the ultimate act of kindness – that once you are dead, you want to help save someone’s life? If you do, it is very simple to sign-up to the NHS Organ Donation Register.

Once signed-up let all your friends and family know that you have signed-up and also encourage them to do so as well.


Why is it so important to become an Organ Donor?

The generosity of donors and their families enables over 3,000 people in the UK every year to take on a new lease of life. However, it is a fact that every day three people die while waiting for an organ transplant! Just imagine, if you or one of your loved ones was part of these statistics.

Within the Asian communities it is a fact that people are three times more likely than the general population to need an organ transplant and yet only 1% of the people on the NHS Organ Donation Register are Asians. This makes finding suitable organs more difficult and could mean many Asians requiring an organ transplant may die before getting one.

It is up to us individual to change this, but signing up to the NHS Organ Donation Register and make a difference.


More information

NHS website – www.organdonation.nhs.uk