Kavita Shah – Harrow Heroes Award Winner

Kavita-ShahKavita Shah, 27, is a Natural Health (North Finchley) Nutritionist, having studied BSc Nutrition at University of Nottingham and MSc Nutrition at King’s College London, has been involved in a range of voluntary work within Harrow. Let’s hear what Kavita says about her voluntary work.

How did you get involved in volunteer work?

While looking for work in 2010, I contacted the Nutritionist who works for the NHS Harrow Public Health team and she got me involved in the work that they do which involves helping to set up and run Cook & Eat sessions and Healthy Eating Workshops, providing Nutritional support for families and providing staff training within the 16 Children’s Centre’s in Harrow.

What has been the best bits about working at Children’s Centres in Harrow?

Being able to make a difference to people’s health and wellbeing. Meeting new people and working with children.

What advise / tips / guidance would you give to people to help between understand the importance of health eating?

Everything in moderation! Try and eat fruit and vegetables raw as cooking/ heating foods destroys many of their vital nutrients. Avoid eating deep fried foods which contain saturated fat as this type of fat increases the cholesterol in our blood and high levels of blood cholesterol increase our risk of heart disease and stroke. Exercise is also very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As little as 20 minutes of walking a day can have benefits to your health.

What would you like to see happen with regards to the Children’s Centres in harrow? i.e. what additional resources / support is required?

Additional funding to help staff set up cooking/ healthy eating workshops is always required.

How did it feel to win the 2012 Harrow’s Heroes Award?

I didn’t even know I had been nominated for the award so when I received the invite to the awards ceremony I was quite surprised. I felt very pleased and honoured to have won the award and I think it is fantastic that volunteers are shown appreciation with such awards.

How can someone get involved in the volunteer work you do?

They can contact me directly (by email: kavita-shah@hotmail.co.uk) or they can contact Lauren Hayes- Public Health Officer NHS Harrow (lauren.hayes@harrow.gov.uk)


Note: This interview with Kavita Shah was first published in Oshwal News magazine in April 2013. Republished here by kind permission by Kavita Shah.