Have your say on the future of the NHS?

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Article by, Malvi Shah

The NHS, was launched in 1948 with the idea to make good precise healthcare available for all regardless of wealth. Since then it has become the world’s largest public funded health service.  Funding comes directly from tax payer’s money and at present is valued at £108.9 billion. However, even with this amount of money, there is still a funding gap of over £20 billion which is only going to carry on increasing each year if changes do not occur now.

These challenges have come about due to an increase in our ageing population, a rise in the number of people with long term conditions, greater public expectations, lifestyle risk factors in the young and new expensive drug and non drug therapy on the horizon. Rising costs and rise in financial constraints will lead to the NHS being unsustainable and the patient safety and quality of patient care will decline.

How many of you have recently tried to get hold of an appointment at the GP and found it impossible to get one? Or else dreaded going to A&E and wait for hours with no results? Finally, if you did manage to get an appointment how long did you end up spending time with the doctor? How quick did the GP’s refer you to consults/test? How frustrating was it to get these secondary appointments?  Not capable to get well and the correct medication for it? All these are hair-pulling frustrations eventually overflow to anger and irritation towards frontline staff.

All the above problems are occurring due to high pressure on all the medical staff, financial cuts throughout the NHS. So please don’t take out the brunt of your frustrations on the frontline staff but on the government making the policies and the cuts.

Voice your thoughts about what you would like out of your NHS. Help the NHS make innovative changes and how to relieve the mammoth funding gap the NHS will carry on experiencing. This is our future health we need to fight for it! If we do not speak up now the NHS become financially unsustainable, unsafe and a radical decline of patient care, leading to rising taxes and privatising of the NHS.

Leave a comment on the NHS Choices Call to Action pages.

I leave you with a final thought… what will happen if the NHS doesn’t exist?