Caring for your legs and feet

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Article by, Rita Rayani

What can be the best time to mention it, when it is going to be fun race. Today stress and tension are our worst enemies. Toning and strengthening your body is important. Exercise is good for well-being of your whole body.


There are lots of ways in which you can help to keep your legs healthy and active and especially your leg vein circulation in good condition. Here are a few top tips from the experts in leg health:

  • Eat a balanced diet – go easy on junk foods and saturated fats
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep your legs, ankles and feet moving during the day
  • Try not to cross your legs for long periods
  • Exercise regularly
  • Rinse your legs with a burst of cool water in the shower or bath frequently
  • Stimulate circulation by ‘dry brushing’ with a natural bristle brush daily or gently massaging your legs which is extremely relaxing


For 9 months of the year we totally ignore and disregard their existence, only in summer do we prise them from our boots and shoes. After soaking feet in warm, soapy foot bath, they should be dried carefully with the towel, it is very important always to dry carefully between the toes, not only now, but generally after bathing or showering. Year-round care is essential: feet are seen, and at times we all must show our feet, even if it is only when buying a new pair of boots! Choose your shoes with care. Always be prepared to put your best toe forward. Feet need all the help they can get. To have good feet and toe nails is to maintain a good diet and a little care should be taken. When nail problems arise, it is best to be seen by the expert. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and information – that is what they are there for. Good shoes can be a worthwhile investment here.

Go out into fresh air: ride a bike, go for walks, swimming and many other leg exercises.

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