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CARE-logo1CAREducation Trust, (CARE) is a charity that focuses on educating underprivileged children all over the world. We are a charity with a difference. I can hear you now, “they all say that.” We are different as we can guarantee that every single penny to the pound goes to the grass root causes to make a real difference. We have no admin fee’s and pay no members of staff in the UK. We here at CARE are all volunteers.

We focus on removing the barriers underprivileged children have to attaining an education. We have successfully run projects in India and Africa thus far. From building actual school structures, to providing hostel accommodation and fully sponsoring children with special needs.

We believe that children are our future, and if we do not help them to gain the right footing in life to create their own opportunities then who will?

Too often in the streets of India, you can see children sleeping on the roads, begging for food, or working to help their family. Missing out on the vital opportunity of an education. By CARE helping to give them this chance, each child can help to lift themselves and the families out of poverty and lead a happy healthy life.

In Sub-Saharan Africa we can see a similar situation, many children do not have the security of a home or are forced to work through their childhood rather than learn. We can help these vulnerable children and work to ensure that they are not exploited.

Education is the key, it can open the door to thought, opportunity and success.

We here in the UK have a great ever expanding team who work tirelessly to raise funds and awareness to the work we do, and by no means through conventional means!

In 2012, 9 youths drove auto-rickshaws themselves across India, a journey to inspire change.

In 2013 an expanded team of 35 trekked to the summit of the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro.

There are a few car boot sales, plays and fairs thrown in for good measure too!

Keep an eye out for what 2014 holds!

We know that we are but a drop in the ocean in the greater scale of work that is required to ensure all children attain an education. However with your support, that drop can become splash and grow to a tidal wave with aims of changing the statistics from millions of children not being able to go to school to a myth.

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