The following are guidelines for submitting an article.

1. About the Article

Articles MUST:
a) Be written in proper English (UK), including proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation and sentence structure.
b) Be referenced accordingly (where the author is making reference to other works and must not include any unattributed content to which the author does not have exclusive rights).
c) Not be written as a Press Release, news article or be time sensitive.
d) Not contain self-serving or promotional content in the article title, body, or summary.
e) Not contain negative content towards any specified product, company, individual, or group.
f) Not contain profanity or pornographic material.
g) Not contain illegal content.
h) Not contain rehashed content, or material overly similar to your prior submissions.
i) Not be formatted as a personal blog post or read as a email, letter or other correspondence.
j) Not contain information that promotes unethical activities, business practices or anything that would create a poor user experience for web users.

2. About the Author

You MUST include the following details:
a) Your full name (i.e. first name and family name)
b) State whether you want to publish the article anonymously or not
c) Your email address
d) Your daytime phone or mobile number

3. About the Format

Your article MUST be formatted as below:
a) Have a title no longer than 15 words
b) Have a sub-title no longer than 20 words
c) Body text must be in double space justified format
d) New paragraphs must NOT be indented but start on a new line after leave one line blank.
e) Submitted using Microsoft Word format ONLY.

4. About Pictures included in your Article

a) You can include pictures as you think appropriate. However you MUST hold the original copyright on the pictures.
b)You cannot submit pictures which belong to someone else unless you have their written consent which you MUST forward with your article.
c) All pictures should be accompanied with a comment explaining what the picture is about.
d) Pictures should be in a JPEG format.

5. Disclaimer

a) Your article should be your own original work and therefore you will hold the copyright as the original author. Any design work, pictures and media  associated with remain the copyright of FreeSpeech.
b) You will be liable for any errors in referencing to other works or pictures copyrights infringements included within your articles and in no way will Freespeech and its associated organisations and persons will be liable.
c) Once you submit an article to Freespeech, it can be used in an online or hard copy print publication which Freespeech, its associated organisations and persons deem reasonable.
d) Note, submitting an article does not guarantee publication of your article. Furthermore, Freespeech and its associated organisations and persons do not have to give a reason for not publishing your article.
e) If any article is published in FreeSpeech, either online, on website, in e-magazine, or hard copy publication; the original author may allow other publications to re-publish the article text only with credit clearly given to FreeSpeech Magazine for first publishing the article. Example text to include at the bottom of any republished article should be as follows: “This article was first published in FreeSpeech Magazine, [Month Year] Edition –”.

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